Warehouse Item Tracking : help needed

Hello, I’m wondering about to use/change my Warehouse functions in a 3.60 version. Here’s what I would like to do : 1) Item I1 has two inventory entries : Lot No. L1 Qty : 10 Lot No. L2 Qty : 20 Bins and zones are not used. 2) The user enters a sales order on item I1 : Quantity = 15. The user selects which Lot No should be picked/shippedin in the Item tracking lines : 5 of Lot L1 and 10 of Lot 2. So far, I have no problem. 3) The user creates the Warehouse shipment. On this WH shipment, if I look at the Item tracking lines, I still have the same Lots assigned (as expected). 4) From this Warehouse shipment, the user creates the Pick (1 Sales order->1 WH Shipment->1 Pick). Depending on my Item tracking code configuration, I know get : - 2 lines on my pick (1 per Lot No. expected) if “Lot Warehouse tracking” is checked : looks fine but I cannot change the lot Nos and/or quantities that have really been picked before posting the Pick document… Lots and quantities picked are seldom those which were expected… How to proceed ? - only 1 line if “Lot Warehouse tracking” is not checked. This means that the user can only enter and post the quantity that has been picked but cannot enter which lots and quantities… So, both setups don’t seem to fit my needs. Maybe this problem is well-known by MBS (am I right ? still used to saying Navision, sorry…) Warehouse Management Super Consultants… I’m a newbie in Warehouse Management. My questions are : - am I right above or did I miss something in the perfect training I got ? - if I am right, I want to : .add a screen on the pick document to allow the user enter the lot Nos and Quantities he has really picked .change the pick posting routine so that it redefines the Item tracking lines on the Warehouse Shipment. If I do that, I should be standard : when posting the Warehouse Shipment, the proper Lots will be applied. Any suggestion ? Any risk doing that ? I hope my frenglich is good enough to help you help me… Thanks for any answer.

Item Tracking in 3.6 for warehousing is not working correctly. This has been highlighted numerous times to MBS. The only information that anyone has is that this has been corrected in 3.70, but unless someone has had time to test the beta version, I’ve not received any verification that it has indeed been corrected. Anyone out there been able to see if 3.70 has fixed the item tracking issues?