Double Dumb Navision 2.01 B

For this company we have Navision 2.01B. I want to learn Navision and no one here can teach me. They are all end users. The sys admin walked out leaving me with the Navision disk, the manuals, and so forth. I am no accountant and so I need to be careful. I can easily get around in the Navision. What I want to know is it possible to open Navision -and work within it -changes, alterations, and so forth - basically practice with this Application? I don’t want to disturb and /or damage any records, entries, procedures, accounts. I just need to go into Navision, and practice, without causing any damage. Is this possible? I have to learn on my own and need to proceed cautiously, carefully.

Thanks for indulging this Beginner !

You can take a backup of the system and restore it somewhere away from the main business system and then you can practice without fear.

In reality you should have a test environment for users and for any changes to be tested prior to adoption into live.

I think in that version the standard backup was under the tools menu still, or you can do a SQL backup

After you have made backup and restore don’t forget also to copy license file. Without that file you can’t use Navision functionalities.

How could you be a beginner when you orignally created the account in 2003?

I’ve been with the company in the graphics art department since 2000. Over the years I’ve listened, and was attentive to the system, and its enterprise. Our System Admin who set up, maintained, and watched over Navision suddenly got ill, and had to leave the company. She gave me a one day tutorial on Sys Admin responsibilities -left me her notes - and that was six months ago. We have an off site company that manages ( remotely our servers. They no nothing about Navision other than it’s a database.The end users here show me what they do within Navision. I cross reference chores, tasks, and so forth with the former Sys Admin’s notes. For example, the daily backup, following her detailed instructions all is good. Following her notes I created a new account and used the copy and paste method from a like sales person account. That worked out. I have an accountant who is helping me along. The former Sys Admin, when I get stuck, I get assistance by email. I created this account in 2003 because the Sys Admin when she got stuck would want me to research a Navision problem. Once I collected enough troubleshooting material I’d turn it over to her. That was my modest exposure to Navsion from long ago. I wanted to turn over this summation as stated because now that I’ve gotten exposed, involved, and fully integrated with this application - I really want to know Navision from the inside / out. To do this I need a test environment - using our backup database - to create a ‘real world’ experience. If I can do this my confidence level will be considerably enhanced. With respect to the comments. Before I do the steps suggested can I copy over to a USB hard drive from our PDC Server C:\Program Files – Navision Financials – Navision Financials Server – and a Backup *.FBK – or – should I install Navision from the Navision CD to a stand alone, non networked PC, – and then copy over the license file and a *.BBK file?

There could be two approaches. I need to choose the most appropriate. Thanks for the support, and comments.

The most appropriate really depends upon your circumstances. I would install it stand alone on my PC, then I know where the environment is and I can “play” anytime, this also, for this purpose, does not break the licensing laws with Microsoft (well it did not the last time a client asked to do the same) but you may want to check with your partner. Ultimately yes take the FBK file and restore it somewhere appropriate and then gain confidence with usage and post all your questions here!


I’m unable to create and run the test machine. I started with a direct copy of Navision from the Server. When I clicked on fin.exe I got the messages pasted below.

I next ran the Navision Server install from the CD. This is what happens if I click on Fin.exe on the dummy test machine. Let me know if there’s a rememdy. Thanks

Operating System cannot find the drive and directory specified for the file c:\Documen~1\JMonni~1\Locals~1\Temp_Temp_.*.

Operating System cannot find the drive and directory specified for the file c:\Documen~1\JMonni~1\Locals~1\Temp_Temp_KM6.

The above _temp_*** keeps changing when I click on Fin.exe.

I have seen this happen before its not uncommon.

If I were you, I would start all over again.

Uninstall Navision, delete the program folder. Install the product again from the CD. When prompted choose the “Stand alone” option (or Local… I’m not sure of how it’s written).

Open Navision and create a new database. Restore your backup into it. Be sure it is a complete backup - objects + data