How to "play" in Navision while at work?

So I’m going through the Help guide in my version of Navision, mainly focusing right now on the stuff I’d need to pass the Trade/Inventory exam.

However, I’m having trouble figuring out how to create fake POs, vendors, etc that I can delete afterwards.

I don’t want to confuse anyone else who logs on, but i do want to practice the stuff I’m learning.



That was a dumb question guys. Sorry, please disregard.

well, not dumb at all…

as enduser license doesn’t usually allow more than one database even if one is production, and second as backup/training only, I usually leave the CRONUS demo company in enduser’s DB, at least in first year.

Yeah I was going “Duh” ten seconds after I posted it. Oops!

Totally different question: my database has been heavily modified to fit my company’s needs. We only use about…20% of the entire thing, POs, SOs, Invoices, that kind of thing.

I get that this will affect my ability to test in the T&I exam. The question is, I guess, should I get a demo copy for my home computer and practice there?

Your guess seems right to me. Demo DB should be able to assist in your practise.