Navision 4.0 Demo

Hi All, I am a new entrant into this fieild Business Solutions Navision. I have installed the demo version on my machine as single User and minimum set up type. I have downloaded the fact sheets as well to understand what this application does.But I am not able to use the Tools–>Debugger–>Code Coverage option. How can I go about looking into the code that is behind these forms. I have also installed Navision SDK on my machine but not able to find a way to move ahead. Can anybody please help me on this as to how I should start on this and the track I should follow. thanks sd

[:D] OK, so you have never seen a car before, just heard about them on TV, you are now sitting in an F1 racing car, the race starts in 15 min, you are on your own, and the engine has not yet been built, and now … what next…[Oops!] This is going to be a big change for you. The first thing you have to understand, is that Navision is NOT a development tool or development language. It IS an ERP applicaiton that through a number of versitile tools can be modified. You really are not going to like to hear this, but to learn how to develop successfully in Navision step one is to learn how to use the application. [Sigh…] Sorry…

Hi David, Thanks for your valuable advice. But any one who is considered as an expert today on Navision must have at some point of time in his/her career started on Navision. And there will always be first time users trying their hands out on Navision. I know that its a business solution package developed in “C” with SQL or Navision Database server at the back end. And their are available tools through which we can manipulate the code.Just wanted to know what all I need on hand to foray into this new venture and get into Navision development. thanks sd

I know its hard to accept, believe me I have probably trained more Navision developers than just about anyone else out there, but… You will never be a successfll Navision developer if you do not understand the application. I can teach you how to write Navision code in a week, that is very easy. The hard part is to teach you how toeffectively program in the Navision environment. Ager that week of develoment I could give you a development projet that would take you two months of programming, and that I could complete in a day, simply becuase I know how the application works. If you are serious about becomeing a Navision developer, then do this. 1/ Take a new Cronus Database. ANd open it. 2/ Delete ALL the Cronus companies. 3/ Create a NEW Cronus Company. 4/ Create 10 items 3 customers and 3 vendors, 5/ Buy and sell orders, createing part shipments, ship and invoice seperately, and have Expected cost posting switched on. 6/ Pay expenses. 7/ Receive Cash 8 Print Checks. 9/ Adjust COsts, 10/ Close the financial year Now print out a Trial balace showing the profits of the company. Now introduce a simple manufacturing scenario, of 3 items, a complete produced item, and 2 sub assemblies, build them transfer them sell them, return them, write them off, and go to step7 above. Its really important that you do this from a completely empty database so that you lern how to set up the GL, posting roups, numbering dimensions etc etc. Believe me, do this before you start developing, and your value as a developer will be much highr than a straight coder any time. PS if you want to take a short cut, get a job in the finance department of a company about to implement Navision.

Hi David, Thanks! I think I can start on now on that path you have specified. thanks sd

That is great news, believe me it is the best and fastest path.

sd_naive, Believe me, David has been working with the Navision application a long time and knows what he’s talking about. My personal experience is that I use to be a VB developer wanting to break into Navision world. Luckily had dealings with David early on in my ‘Navision’ career and therefore learnt the value of knowing the application first! So my advice … take David’s advice! [;)]

[:I] thanks Connull [:I]

sd_naive What David said helpfull but he never answered you question. The reason is that you don’t have a developer license to open the debugger and design the application. Navision does not have any documentation on the architecture so by learning how the application works you’ll learn the architecture. I started with not knowing anything about the application and was able to do programming in 3 weeks and be productive. Granted it took me a 1 year to learn all the 100 important tables and how data flows.

Hi all, Thanks for the advice. I will get into the understanding of the application as user at the first place and then look into the development part. But about the development licence do I need to get one purchased from Microsoft.Do we need to be a Microsoft Business Solution Partner at the first place to get a full version of Navision and not the demo version. thanks sd

I noticed this was sitting out here unanswered, so I’ll take a stab at it. The short of it is, yes, you either have to have purchased a license with development rights (expensive) or work for a company that gets you a developer’s license to be able to work with Navision code tools, which means being an MBS partner, I believe.