How to get started with Navision

I’m a MS.Net Developer and i’m really want to get into using Navision.
I know there are modules like Finance,Manufacturing,Development etc
But as a Developer which area will suit me the best?
I’m thinking of going to do a training course with :-
But its quite expensive. I have Navision 4.0 wih SP1.If i get started by installing it.
Would that help?
Any ideas would be appreciated.

OK - I’m going to take a chance here - But I will proberbly get shot down. (I am wearing a bullet-proof west allready)

First of: ‘Just because you are a skilled .net (or anything else) developer does NOT guarentee that you EVER will become a skilled Navision Developer’

Now what does that mean? - I say this because I have seen good developers around the world, but I wouldn’t ever let them loose on a Navision database. Navision is a concept - A main difference is, that you actually have a fully functional system, once you install it (besides the bugs features). And unless you understand the system, some developers have a tendency to re-write the wheel.

As one of my former colleages once said:


They (non-navisionized developers) will useally get the task done, but they useally never get from point A to point B in a strait line

I am not saying this, to discourage you, but just to prepare you to expect to learn the concept of Navision before you do a ****-load of code.

Now - Back to your original questions

I belive that Microsoft are very serious with the Navision product, and are getting more and more interested in the Navision product vs. the Axapta (I am not saying they will discard Axapta). I belive I have heard, that the Navision product are the line, that MBS are selling more than the other lines (Axapta, Solomon, Great Plains).

Microsoft has an enourmus sack of cash top use for marketing purposes hence a large potential. The US economy are slowly, but surely, getting back on track, and I belive US companies are getting more willing to spend money on IT again. If it’s going to be Navision or other that will gain the most, only the future can tell.

Navision is owned by Microsoft - Who did .net? - The next generation of Navision (the merger of Navision, Axapta, Solomon, Great Plains) will be on .net - A Navision (or Axapta, Solomon, Great Plains) developer, that are also profecient on .net - I would guess would be in a good position - Quite in line with my first statement.

I do not know the canadian market, but I belive that there will be opportuneties. I also see that a lot of companies will link Navision (or other systems) with the web. This might be a good way for you to get your feet wet with Navision, while still working with .net

All the above is MY PERSONAL oppinion! - Any feedback are greatly appreciated.

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The classes they offer looks like the ones you want to take, though.

But I also think, you would be better off, if you could get a Navision 101 class, which gives you an overwiev on how navision works and are put togeather [;)]

I have personally never heard about that company - But Australia is of the few places I have NOT been to yet.

All the best of luck to you…

I will try and get the “getting started” stuff from over here.

Actually this is what the Beginers Forum on the dynamics user group is aimed at. Please read the Rules of Posting in this Forum. (Sorry I seems we lost it in the last reset, just put it back)

To answer you first qestion, YES you can learn a lot frm the Demo version of Navision, definitley install it.

I would say install Navision, run the processes and when you start understanding how it works, run those processes with the debugger on to figure out how it works internally. If training courses are too expensive, you should really buy the official training material from MS. That is also ridiculously expensive, but not as expensive as a training class.

Other than that, please don’t get frustrated with the way that the product is programmed. Learn it the way that it is and go with it.

Easiest way to get to know Navision better will be by creating orders or General Postings and doing postings then you can nvaigate on posting and know how , where and why everythign is happening and what tables does it affect. You have to have Navision Cronus for that , of course. Once you know the functioning it will be much easier to undertand the programming behind it.

Hope it helps.

Good luck!!

A five star post, I could not have said it better my self. [:D]

Thanks for all the advices. Is there a free online book on Navision?
**Will be back to ask more questions

I guess you could look at my signature [;)]