Hello, Can someone please tell me how we can show the net amount by dimensions on the trial balance?


By ‘Analysis by Dimensions’.

I am new to navision. Could you please be more specific? Is there a training material on dimensions reporting?


for a first look - Navision has some Analysis by Dims preset “just out of box”, what exactly, depends form country version.
You can find them under Fin Management / GL / Analysis & Reporting / Analysis by Dims.

Ask for training first to your implementation Partner - it’s their DUTY.

More regarding training - please do search on "training materials" here in forum - you will find tons of info, as this question rises at least once in 2 weeks, I don’t want to write all that once again, sorry.

How do I define an analysis view in GL or in sales?

I have gone to Fin Man>GL> Analysis by dims> but then I get a pop window saying “You havn’t defined an analysis view.” This what I’d like to do…

Thanks Andy


GM / Setup / Dimensions / Analysies views…

P.S. Years have passed, but I too regularily get lost in Outlook-type menu, mainly because many entries appear twice or more in different places… Sometimes people say they can’t find what I have answered - turns out we speak about different versions and now we have RTC, too

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Ok Thanks…