Display Balance Sheet in "Analyses By Dim" Mode

Hello All, I am part of the implementation team of Navision. The finance people of our client wish to view the balance sheet in the “Analysis by Dimension” window. The definition of the balance sheet is done in the Account Schedules. The users wish to view the balance sheet along with the begin total and end total(Basically as defined in the Account Schedule.) as well as with different dimension definitions. We will plan to do this for the Profit and Loss Account too… Any solutions for this or some solution which will satisfy the user are most welcome ( as early as possible of course [:)]. Thanks, Meenal

Hi, We also are on a project & at present going in thro’ requirements study phase.This requirement also has come up in our case.However, We hv not yet figured out the possibilities. I beleive that analysis thro’ dimensions can not provide this view.Pl. be in touch if u find out some solution to this. Is your client buying Multiploe companies? What is the actual need behind this kind of requirement? regards, Dharmendra B. Desai

Hi Meenal You should be able to attach an Analysis View to your account schedule for the Balance Sheet. Then when running the Account Schedule report filter on the Dimensions required. Also in 3.60 you can take the Analysis by Dimension straight to Excel, from here you could create a balance sheet or profit and loss report. Cheers Peter

hi Meenal This is also what we are working, our Attain Team. Dharmendra Desai is one of the leading consultant in this team. We welcome any suggestions, queries & are eager to share information so that we are able to provide the best possible solution to our client. Thanks Peter for your valuable information, in india we still have only 3.10 version of Attain. I hope what u have said may be the difference in these two version. Please be in touch with best regards vaibhav

Hi, Our problem is somewhat different form that given by Minal. Our client has a no. of companies with identical business under his portfilio. He wants to account for all these compoanies without buying the companies granule.(i mean he first wants to check out this possibility). Now, the balance sheet view is available thro’ dimensions very easily. Even dimensions can be given types same as accounts i.e. Begin Total,End Total, Heading etc., Conceptually it seems that this is possible.But, a few basic questions before i try it out: 1)Why Navision would offer a different Company Granule if this is possible? 2)What will happen if the accopunt heads required are different? 3)How much parametres setting this will require?I feel it will be as good as developing a Company Granule.[:)] 4)Will the cutomer always require technical support whenever he wants to Add/Remove companies from Dimension Values? I want to be able to sujjest the right thing to my customer whithin his budget.& be able to justify properly whatever i am sujjesting. Experienced people on Attain: Pl. give yr. Valuable sujjestions. Regards, Dharmendra B. Desai

Can you just clarify so I understand correctly:- You want to have one Navision ‘company’ and within that use a global dimension as “company” that contains individual business units? So you have one chart of account and apply the “company” filter as required on account schedules etc to get p & l and BS reports etc.? Yes?

Hi Adam, U got it right.I have checked it out. I want to know the exact thing which make it different fm. an independant company granule.This client is just buying the accounts module. I am awaiting your expert views on this. Regards, Dharmendra Desai


Originally posted by Adam Seaton
Can you just clarify so I understand correctly:- You want to have one Navision ‘company’ and within that use a global dimension as “company” that contains individual business units? So you have one chart of account and apply the “company” filter as required on account schedules etc to get p & l and BS reports etc.? Yes?

It is possible to operate like this. There are advantages to some companies in that they can share set-up information, customer lists etc. and make consolidated VAT returns (if they wish to). Consolidation also has obvious advantages. However there are some very important considerations with dimensions. Mainly, you must remember that dimensions are primarily an income statement analysis tool. The power of dimensions is less effective as a balance sheet tool. This is because the balance sheet only receives summary postings. Take an invoice for example. The header dimensions will post to the balance sheet while the line dimensions will post to the income statement. So if the lines contain different combinations of dimensions, there is no way to reflect this in the balance sheet, apart from splitting the invoice into several seperate documents which obviously defeats the object. Or look at a cash receipt, which can only contain one set of dimensions, but may post to the control account against 10 invoices all with different dimensions. What dimension do you give the receipt journal?? If the client can guarantee that all postings will be split exclusively between the different dimensions in the balance sheet then it is an achievable model. But the client must understand the limitations of dimension analysis, particularly in relation to control accounts and other accounts with summary updates.

Thanks a lot Adam. I can never expect a reply more specific & to the point than your’s. I hv started getting a view of what i hv to do. I will be in touch if anything interesting comes along. Thank u again.I feel i will be able to explain the client properly now. Regards, Dharmendra B. Desai

Hi Everybody, Thanks a lot Peter,the solution given by you has really helped me. We tried explaining the new approach to the client and they seemed to be quite happy abt the solution. Well Dharmendra and Vaibhav,you can also say thanks to Adam for his solution.The whole idea was given a new twist because of your requirement. In any case,thanks a lot everybody,so many solutions so fast,makes me more optimistic abt recieving response in the future too [:)]