Different No. Series for Sales Invoice

Dear All,

is it possible to use two different No. Series for Sales Invoice. For regular no. Invoice We use continious Number 0001,0002,0003 and for Export Sales we reuqired Exp.001,Exp.002 No. Series…

Is there any solution for the above issues…


Jinesh Shah


Yes you can.

First of all you have to identify the customers as Export and Normal.

Go to cusotmer details form- look for NUMBER SEQUENCE and attach a number sequence like EXP for export customers.

Go to A/R- Parameters-Number Sequences- Sales Invoice— GROUP button on the left hand side click on it, then create a new record, put the same EXP here then go to reference tab look for SALES INVOICE and a number sequence like EXP-####

It will work.




Go to the reference tab and look for Sales Invoice against that attach a new number seq e.g EXP-NUM-SEQ

(Create it in the Number Sequence form),

then assign it here