Different No. Series for Posted Invoices

Hi, Is it possible to have different no. series for posted invoices? In my case, for the actual invoices and orders, I have 3 different no. series and the user chooses one, when creating and filling in the invoice or order, BUT on posting, since in Navision the posted invoice has 1 single no. series, it does not reflect the original no. chosen by the user. Is it possible to have the posted no. reflect the original no. series? Thanks

Hi Adrian As standard you cannot get the posted invoice number series to be chosen on the basis of the sales order number series entered, but every invoice will reference the original sales order number. If this is not enough you will need to get the system modified slightly - I am unsure how difficult this modification would be.

Hello, The Invoice No. Series used by a sales order, is originally taken from the Sales & Receivables Setup table and is then passed to the ‘Posting No. Series’ field in the sales header, when the sales order is invoiced, Navision looks to this field in the sales header & not the S&R setup, so you can get this to work by changing the routine that finds the Posting No. Series. This can be fouind in the InitRecord function of table 36 (Sales Header). You will have to have application builder to change code in table functions. I suggest that you handle this with great care - And do this on a test system and test until you are happy. The last thing you want it to lock up your sales ordering on your live system! [}:)]

Thanks for your answers guys. I will go through the routine/s mentioned and work my way from there. Thanks to all for your help.