Different Number sequences in one table

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Recently i have created two reports with name Domestic Tax Invoice & Export Tax Invoice with the same Datasource i.e CustInvoiceTrans.

Now what I want to do is I want to add a new number sequence to the table CustInvoiceTrans for which if the customer is in India should generate the number sequence as “DOM_0001” otherwise should generate the numseq as “Exp_0001”.

F****or eg:- If our first sales id is of Indian Customer,the numseq generated should be “DOM_0001”,for second it must be “DOM_0002” but if the third sales id is not for indian customer shuld automatically generate the numseq as “Exp_0001”.

Please if you have any solution for this ,help me out .

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Is this thing not possible in Ax .

If it is please help me out or is there any other solution for the same problem.

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Kiran Sharma

Yes it is possible. You want the invoice number to be different for different country customers or seperate field which should be filled. If the requirement is with the invoice number you can probably achieve it through setup by using the number sequence groups. If this is the case with another field(means you want that field to be filled) you can add some logic to \Classes\SalesFormLetter_Invoice\initJournalLine to fill that field.