number series differently for posted sales invoice

Hi, One my customer is asking the Posted sales invoice number series differently.

. That means they are mainting 3 different Number series for sales invoices. 1. Domestic

  1. Export

  2. Third party sales So is it possible to assign the number series differently for posted sales invoice

Not as standard you will need to modify the system to do this.

Why does the customer want to do this? What is the business rationale behind it.

Hi steven,

Yes , There is no standard functionality In Navision.

So we are ready to do this customization.

So we need some help to start , some guidelines from experts like U .

so share your valuable advice on this to do customization.


Post the request as a question in teh developers forum

To cut down on the number of posts…

You need to

  1. create linked number series - possibly on the customer posting group (whereever you deterime the Domestic/Export/Third Patry)

  2. Validate into the posting number series when selecting the customer (do a lookup to the link)

Thanks Dave T,

Could give some more explanation. that means where i have to write code.

Please suggest that one .

Thanks and regards

Hi Austin,

  1. you need to decide where the link goes

  2. in the onvalidate trigger of the sell-to customer no.

I would strongly suggest that you get someone experienced to do these modifications.