Developer / Student licence

Hello everybody, I am new here, I started to learn about Dynamics Nav, I bought a nice pc, I have read about the installation and now I would like to know which licence I need as an developer / student. I think the best is the Start Pack, do you know how much it cost? Thank you

best you follow…/microsoft-dynamics-nav-2015-pricing-and-licensing…/erp-nav-overview.aspx

Hi Roman,
Welcome to DUG. :slight_smile:

If you want to learn to develop in Dynamics NAV and you’re not really going to use it for your own company, then I would not recommend you to buy a Starter Pack. That would only give you access to the basic design tools in NAV. Not the “core” like table triggers and codeunits.
You can also buy a full developer license to NAV, but it would run up in A LOT OF MONEY!
But you could actually start just with the demo-version and the demo-license. It’s rather (very) limited, but it does allow you to work on a few different objects, which is enough to get started.

Thank you very much, I though the same. Also I found a website to work in a cloud 30 days trial and there is others.

thx for the hint. for sure very helpful for others.

another free trial:…/

Hi Roman,
That would allow you to learn how to use Dynamics NAV.

But I doubt that you’ll get access to the development environment via a 30-days cloud trial. These “low-price” cloud offerings are typically done using NAV’s multi-tenancy setup, which means that the only thing you have access to change is the data. Not the code, as the code is shared with the other “tenants” (other companies).