NAV Developer License to Learn C/AL

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How does one go about learning C/AL. I have been to Microsoft Learning Network, downloaded the pdf which is well structured. I now want to practice creating code in a demo database, but it doesn;t allow me to do that. How do I go about practicing my C/AL skills that I have gained ? is the only way available is to work with a Microsoft partner or is there another way ?

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Learning to code i Dynamics NAV/ 365 Business Central is two different things, so things depends on what version you are talking about. I do a LOT of training and ALL of my studens are working at a Microsoft partner or a end-user.

For C/AL - Meaning Dynamics NAV 201X you need a developer license, and that requires you to work at a Microsoft Partner.

For AL - Meaning Dynamics 365 Business Central you can run the application on Docker and start development right away, with some limititions of what you can do.

Regardsless of version, it would say it is crazy to start learning development on your own You REALLY need classroom-training. The types of questions and very often the code shown here on this site - proves it again and again.

If you are familiar with NAV/365 BC, or not an accoutning person, the it is even more difficult to get started, and i would say you are then wasting most of your time.

In ancient days there were some possibilities with the demo-license (CRONUS) . Limited, but usable:

Table 18 could be modified
Fields 99990…99999 could be created
Report 101 could be modified
Report 99999 could be created
MenuSuite 90 could be created
XmlPost 99999 could be created

Not quite sure whether this is possible in Buciness Central. Try…