Dynamics NAV developer without PartnerSource

Hi everyone,

I am a software developer and new to NAV. Would it be enough to have an MSDN subscription to get everthing that is needed to setup a full learning environment of NAV 2015. Or do I still need some materials from the PartnerSource website. I am a single developer and do not have access to either PartnerSource or CustomerSource centers.

Any advice is very much appreciated.

hi gevik,

that is not an easy thing. many downloads, updates, hotfixes, etc. are only available on partner/customer-source.

but according training material. you’ll find many tutorial videos on youtube.

also search in the product forums, if you hav special questions:

buy a nav dev book.

and try to get an account for the customersource. start with creating a windows live id and contact itmbssup@microsoft.com. describe your situation. they will help you.


Welcome to forum!

NAV license included in (some) MSDN subscriptions will not give you the same access level as Partner license does. You will be able to “set up environment” and explore NAV functionality from users’ point of view in full, but, it doesn’t allow to get your hands on of the majority of code in Pages and CodeUnits. I don’t remember by heart which exactly objects with full access are included, but IMHO there were not much of them. There are more, than in DEMO license, but substantially less than in “full” Partner license.

In regard to documentation - this can be found in MSDN even w/o the subscription. I doubt if there are more materials accessible if you have a subscription, seems the major difference is that subscriptions gives you that NAV MSDN license.

Without access to PartnerSource or CustomerSource it’s rather limited what you can do.

If you’re a freelance NAV developer (and not employed by or associated with a NAV partner), but you want to make NAV development into your business, then you also have an option to get a full development license and access to partnersource if you sign up with a “master var”.

Thank you :slight_smile: I am going to get in touch with the “master var” and see where I get from there.

Do that, in the NL you have QBS, which should be able to tell what requirements they have for signing up new “partners”. Otherwise you might try 4Dynamics.