Deleting Invoiced Purchase Return Orders

Hi everyone,

I am trying to delete completed purchase return order using the batch job (Delete Purchase Return Order) and for an unknown reason the return order will not delete.

Here is what I have been trying:

  1. Creating a new purchase return order

  2. Posting (Ship only)

  3. Creating a new Purchase credit memo and get returned shipment lines…

  4. Posting the credit memo

At this point, I would expect to be able to run the batch job and get rid of all fully shipped and invoiced purchase return orders.

Does anyone know what I am missing?

Thank you


I do not think you are missing something, perhaps it is a bug in the system:

I followed your steps and found neither it gets deleted from the batch job nor you can invoice that return order (there is nothing to post, because it has already been invoiced).

F1 Help mentions following:

You can use the batch job after you have used the Get Return Shipment Lines function on the purchase credit memo. This facility does not delete the return orders.

I don’t know what “This facility” is in the above help lines, may be someone else can explain it better. To me it seems as a bug.

Following code in the batch job, prevents it from deleting:

IF ((PurchLine.“Qty. Assigned” = PurchLine.“Quantity Invoiced”) OR
(PurchLine.Type <> PurchLine.Type::“Charge (Item)”)) AND
(PurchLine.“Qty. Assigned” <> 0)

In my case “Qty. Assigned”=0 but “Quantity Invoiced”<>0

3rd & 4th was wrong… If ONLY Shipment is posted and not Invoiced yet, you should find Posted Return Shipment under History and revert it with Functions / Undo Shipment. Then you could simply delete the PRO, as it returns to blueprint status and no postings are made from it.

This action WOULD NOT delete postings in GL, Vendor ledger and Inventory - only Documents will be deleted from History. Only way to correct (instead of delete) errorenously posted transaction is by posting a reversing document, e.g. Credit note to void Invoice and so on. Nothing can be deleted, if posted - this is legal requirement in accounting, and Navision follows the rules.

Modris Yvans,

I think you misunderstood my initial post so I will try to explain it better.

I am not trying to delete posted transaction, such as Posted Shipment, Posted Invoice or Posted Credit Memo; I am simply trying to delete PRO once it has been fully shipped and invoice.

For example when I create a Purchase Order:

  1. Create Purchase Order

  2. Post (Receive). This step is executed when we receive the goods ordered.

  3. Create a Purchase Invoice. This step is executed when we receive the invoice for the goods received

  4. Post the Purchase Invoice

Now, after executing step 1,2,3 and 4 we end up with a fully received and invoiced Purchase Order document.

To delete/remove the fully received and invoiced Purchase Order from the list, we use the batch job (Delete Invoiced Purchase Order). This works perfectly!

I am trying to do the exact same thing with the PRO.

Note: I am using NAV 2009



Instead of creating Credit Memo, why don’t you use, 2nd or third option of posting Return Order (Invoice, Ship & Invoice)?

We create Purchase Invoice and Credit Memo separatly because it gives us the option to use the Get Line function to get returned line items from more than one shipment.

Our suppliers often issue one Credit Memo document for two or more merchandise return.

Also, if this is a bug I would prefer that MS fixes it rather than use a work around.