Delete sales orders

Hi all, I have a problem with sales orders. I need to delete some order where one or more rows contains G/L accounts shipped but not invoiced. How can I do? Undo shipment don’t delete rows whitout item. Thanks CL

Hi Invoice it - then credit it [;)]

Hi Steven, I don’t want to show these lines to my customer. Another chanche? Thanks CL

Hi Not without getting the developers involved and having them “fix” it. Sorry [:(]

Delete the lines after they are invoiced

Lines will automatically deleted, once you invoice the Order. and in order to bring the invenory back, you need to generate a credit memo for that invoice. Steven is right, you need to do some code changes to solve this problem, or twik with the report for not to print these kind of transactions.

Hi Clembo, Do you need to show only the invoice to the customer, or all the details (Which come from the Ledger Entries). If you need to send only the invoice, then you can invoice the order, generate a credit memo againt it, and then create a new invoice for the customer. This invoice will not show the previous transactions, but if you need to send the details of all the transactions then, even if you delete the invoice lines (aLars Westman suggested), Ledger Entries will stey and this will show up in the detials.