Purchase Return Order

I just need some help regarding Purchase Return Process.

My client posted a return order>>ship, means, only inventory is updated (btw, PO has GRN and Invoiced already). Now, the finance people needs to post a credit memo to deduct on the payable to vendor.

In the return order window, Quantity Invoiced still zero. Return qty shipped = 1.

I know that I can post the Invoice from the return order window and this will post a credit note, am i correct?

But what if the client wants a separate window to do the credit memo (which is the credit memo window) and post it from there? Can it be done?

Also, I tried creating a credit note, used Get Return Shipment Lines>>choose the item but the system prompts an error saying "1 units for Document No. GRN-XXXX-XXXX have already been returned or transferred. Therefore, only 0 units can be returned.

I understand the error, but im stuck. I dont know where to do.

please help. Thanks. :smiley:

Is it a standard error or any customized one?

if you go to Purchase / Credit memos

then select your vendor

then Functions Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse

You can then raise the credit as you want, and can also combine more than one return into the same credt