Data Exchange

Hello Every one,

What i am trying to do is to make data exchange between NAV and POS. And the comunication should be with text files, one some shared folders. And i thought that i could use dataports calling from codeunit, because with Job Queue you can just use Codeunit and Reports. Data Exchange should be done every 15 min, so this is my problem.
But i have heard that dataports could not be run in Job Queue or NAS server. IS THAT CORRECT?
Do you have any better idea, of making data exchange between NAV and some POS. The comunications should be with text files, because it is now approved.

Any suggestions.

Thanks a lot of,

You can always manually create the files from your Codeunit using OutStream objects. There are some good tutorials in the NAV client help menu and on the forums.

Any example how to read and writte to text file with delimiter “|” and record seperator NewLine?

Thank you all.