how to Execute dataport automatically

hi all , i have dataport for import data
let’s say the dataport is number 50000
how to run it automatically… maybe every 5 minutes or 10 minutes
it the folder do not have data, it will be skipped

  1. I think Job Queue may be exact solution for you.(go to Administration->Application Setup->Job Queue)

  2. You can also handle it by creating own ‘single instance’ codeunit, use timer(automation server) in there

for both solutions you need to have NAS(Nav Application Server)

so i should made 1 dataport and 1codeunit?

i already set up the the job entries

but how come it not execute??

Hi Stan,

Job Queue is run from a NAS session. To test your setup you can manually run the Job Queue Dispacher codeunit

ok… I already try to run that codeunit

and it works

but how i execute it automatically?

Hi Stan,

You will need to install and configure a NAS session, specifing JOBQUEUE as a parameter.

is it from NAV installer?

or another packet of installer?

Hi Stan,

It’s on the Nav DVD - NAS stands for Nav Application Server - There is a installation guide on the DVD

i already installed it

Start-up parameter : jobqueue

net type : TCP/IP

Object cache size (KB) : 1000

Service Status : Started

still not execute my job queue :frowning:

FYI my job queue entries status is In Process

but not execute that codeunit that i made for export data

beside that

Job queue log entries is error

the error message is The codeunit Export Sales Invoice was called with a Job Queue Entry record. It has no parameters.

though if i do it manually run codeunit 60000, it’s success

Hi Stan,

When the job queue run a codeunit, it must be based on the Job Queue Entry table - Edit the codeunit and assign the property TableNo to Job Queue Entry.

Note: you will not be able to run the codeunit manually from the object designer afterwards.

in job queue entry table i already set codeunit 60000 as object id to run

but still not execute the object

Hi Stan,

You can create codeunit that will import data, as you can handle multiple file with help of codeunit in any location folder. You can put this in job queue also.

hi Nilehs Shelar,

i already create that codeunit 60000

but using job queue , i still cannot execute it :frowning: