NAV 2016 - Job Queue is running Codeunit but CSV file is not being exported

I am using NAV 2016. I am using the Job Queue to run a Codeunit. The Codeunit runs an XMLport. The XMLport runs a process and exports a file to a folder on a different server.

When I run the Codeunit manually, everything works great and the file is exported to the correct folder. When I run the Codeunit via the Job Queue using NAS or starting the job manually, everything works except for the file export.

I added IF GUIALLOWED THEN to get the export working when I manually run it. Does anyone know what I need to do to get this to work properly? Thanks!

Please check that XMLPORT Property set as below -
UseRequestPage - No
Direction - Export.

Second first test that it export the file in the same server and also check the user property (which are configured to run NAS Service) are same as your user.

Hi Saurav,

Thanks for your reply! 1. I do have the XMLPORT Property set to No and Export. 2. I changed the file path to export to a folder in the same server as where I am running the Job Queue and still no file. 3. The user property is the same as mine.

The Codeunit is still working when I manually run it and it exports the file to whatever path I set, but the Job Queue will not export the file. Do you know if there is a default location that the Job Queue exports files to? Like the PDF files that get created and go into the Report Inbox?