Customer/Item Sales report problem

Hi Guys.

I have a question for all users of Navision / Dynamics NAV. My client is using version 4 sp3 and we have found a potential problem with one of the standard reports - Customer/Item Sales (report 113)

The following tests are what we have run through both on the clients modified system and on a CRONUS vanila database;


Purchase Order 10000 01/03/08 10 93.4

Purchase Order 10000 02/03/08 10 110

Sales Order 10000 05/03/08 5 175

Sales Order 10000 10/03/08 10 175

When we run the Customer/Item Sales report for the 05/03/08 for Customer 10000, the profit calculated is £408 which is correct - SO (5175) - PO (593.4).

However if we then run the report for the 10/03/08 for Customer 10000, the profit is incorrectly calculated as £816 - SO(10175) - PO (1093.4).

Does anyone have any ideas?

Have you check that a purchase invoice for a different value/price has been posted in the interim. And/or an adjust cost batch job been run?

I am not a developer so I cannot tell you how it is calculating the profit, but here is a possible explanation

You are filtering on 10/03/08, and therefore the value entry associated with the sale will probably have a cost associated with it that is the 93.4, this 93.4 will have been adjusted after the adjust cost routine, but it would be on a separate line, and therefore probably on a different date, therefore outside of your imposed filter.

Have a look at the item ledger entry for the sale, I presume this would give you the correct profit, however if you drill into the value entry and look at the dates you will probably find the cost adjustment routine is on a different date, and therefore you are filtering this element of the cost out and causing the profit to look incorrect.

How does that sound?