Customer profitability & charge items

Hi there Does anyone have a good solution in determining the real profitability of a customer when taking into account item charges. The issue I have is when item charges are assigned either to a purchase order after the sales order has been created or assigned directly to sales order. In neither of these examples the sales document, thus the customer, is updated with the extra cost of the item charges thus their profitability is not calculated correctly? Regards, Derek Lamb

Hi Derek, In the version 3.60 onwards, after posting the item charge if you run the invntory adjust item cost batch job in periodic activities of inventory modue, system will create a new value entry for the sales transaction for the adjustment. If your report is based upon the item ledger entry, then you can get the actual profitability.

Hi Girish Thanks for the pointer, I need to include the field 'Cost Amount (non Invtbl)'and then I can get a true profit, not sure why Microsoft doesn’t include this field on Customer and Sales documents Statistics. Regards, Derek Lamb

Hi Derek Some inconsistencies here - but essentially the item ledger entry deals with item related sales. You could load a sales order direct to a G/L account - this is shown in the sales and customer statistics, but as it is not item related it is not in the item ledger entry, so some entries and fields can exist in one and not the other and vice a versa. Sure they will get there in the end!

Thanks for the tip Steven.

Hi guys, We’ve got the following answer from M$ For design and performance reasons, the development team has chosen not to allow the program to automatically update customer and sales entries with cost-adjusted value entries. It has been that way since Navision Financials and will continue to be this way in Version 4.00 .