Customer Brief example?

Hi all

I have been asked to submit a brief to our reseller in terms of moving forward with our implementation. I was just wondering if someone could give me some pointers on how to approach this.

We are looking specifically into these 3 areas. Job Costing, Purchasing and stock records & Values (Inventory) which i believe they are all essential elements and cannot be implementated without one or the other.

for example 1 scenerio from costing is some jobs do not have part numbers and all materials are brought in for that particular job and costed againist that job. How would this be approached in Nav (5.1)

any pointers / questions to be asked / how you would tackle this would be most helpful!!

thanks in advance!

I am sitting here hoping that I totally misunderstood your post. Because if the situation really is as I am reading it, then the only advise I can give you is to find another partner.

Basically what i am trying to do is look at our own internal processes and get it into some format so we can tell our reseller what we want.

The area i have i described is the internal areas we are looking into as the next stage of implementation.

what i would like to know is what kind of information a consultant would want from their customer in terms of moving forward.

hopes this makes sense and not too confusing… maybe i was jumping ahead of myself in terms of looking into too deep too soon!!


Ok, that sound quite different. In your first post it apeard as though your partner was asking for this. So I assume it was someone (your boss maybe) in your company that has suggested this. In this case this is a great proactive thing to be doing.

The first thing yourpartner is going to need is a complete description of how your business runs. They will send in an anylyst who will map your entire business process from receiveing an order from a customer to getting paid. You can get started on that by revieing each step that everyone dies in their day to day job and se how that interacts with your erp system.

The prime function of the Analyst is to show you how to run your business better, and they will recomend changes to how you work in many cases.Be open to these ideas. Don’t think that every line of Navision should be modified to match everything you do now, be prepared to meet in the middle.

So get out Visio and start the flow chart. It will also be a good excersize to work with the users now and get them used to the idea that there is going to be a lot of interuption to business over then next months. It will also give them a chance to look at the way they do their jobs, and think of ways to do them better.

Remember that you are installing Navision to make your company a better company, you are NOT installing Navision to replace what you did in the old system.

Most Appreciated thanks

Im sure this wont be my last post but a start of a lot more! LOL i apologise now :slight_smile: