Does anyone know of an add on that deals with samples being sent and tracked? These will be sent and tracked to customers and whilst having inventory valuation impact there is no impact, financially, on the customer.

What about selling ‘samples’ to a customer, just changing the bill-to customer to a ‘samples’ customer? Then you can reconcile that billing/ledger with whatever internal dept./acct you want. -john

How would you handle that the sales statistics for that customer will not be accurate?

Could you not handle the samples for a specific item through the creation of a variant?

Hi Steven, A lot of the customers who I have come accross, who have to deal with this, create a new location, either ‘customer’s site’ or ‘Evaluation’. They then transfer to that location (Book it out). This means that the finances are correct (The stock remains the property of the Navision site), but the stock is not available to be sold to someone else because it is not in a ‘saleable’ location (external site). Hope this is of some help!

Hi Edward I can only think I posted this on behalf of another user in this forum - at least this is the vague memory I have of it. It was October last year [:D] I think it may have been a tie in with CRM to track potential return on a sample promotion scheme. But to be honest I have no idea and it does not sound like any customer or potential customer we have that I could not use a work around for. Maybe it was not me - is ignorance of the original question any defence? [:D][:I]

I was told that with the option for interal picks and internal storages you can take samples out of your stock for demonstrations etc. However, how to track these items when they are outside (f.a. at a cusomters site)? I don’t know.