Create multiple D365FFO On-premise projects with same LCS account (different implementations)

How can we have more than one on-premise project for same LCS account, for example, if you would like to have TWO different environments, separate business/customization and data (different implementations), it’s easy in AX2012… but its different for D365FFO…

So first, to have the on-premise project created in your LCS you need to go to create a new Microsoft service ID or use an existing one with D365 or Azure subscription:

clicking “Try it now” will create a new On-premise project for you automatically in your LCS: (as you see in yellow On-premise)

As far as I know, this is for one business implementation. what if we have other implementations with a different customisation/data and business process.

Tried to add another project but it doesn’t give me the same methodologies:

Please help, thanks

Can you elaborate your scenario, please? Is your intention to run two different instances of production environments for a single customer? Or are you merely looking for an additional test environment?

Are you a partner or an end-user customer?

What project types can you add? These are my options:

Hi Martin, we are looking to have two different implementations - which means two separate projects I suppose (PROD+SAND for business 1) and (PROD+SAND for business 2) different analysis/DB etc. for each… we are a customer so we were able to create the first project through The Microsoft Online Services ID using our own D365 subscription as mentioned in my first post above.

Here is a screen shot of our LCS home page:

Clicking new project: and select a Product name

Select product version:

I don’t get the same view you have when you create a project I guess since you are a vendor/partner?

As you can see the On-premise type of project and they both have different methodologies as attached in my first post image.

I don’t know if Microsoft ever considered this option. You should talk to them.

Thanks Martin, let’s see what other people can say with if they had same experience…

Got this from Microsoft:
The current setup of LCS does not permit multiple implementation projects for customers. This is a feature available only to partners so in our case you should reach out to them and see what options you would have.
As I said we can raise a request to the product team but it’s a long shot and we don’t guarantee any outcome.