Unable To Established Dual-Write-Power Platform

We are trying to link CDS Environment with F&O and for this I am following this blog:


First of all as mentioned in blog we are trying to link CDS Environment from LCS. But We are not able to find those options in our LCS instance.
Then we navigate to our F&O instance and try to link CDS environment from there a
We get the following errors:

So we need to know about the solution of these two errors. Other then this there is step in blog where we have to create application user form Power Platform. But in our instance of Power Platform we are not getting this option.

So we need to know the reasons why we are not getting the option and an alternative way to create application user just mention in blog

Please tell us more about your environment. Aren’t you trying to configure dual-write on a local Tier1 environment created from a downloaded VHD?
If so, you clearly can’t meet the requirement that “the finance and operations app and the customer engagement app must be deployed in the same Microsoft Azure datacenter”.