Link existing D365 FO Sandbox installation to LCS Sandbox environment


I have inherited an orphaned D365 implementation, where the consultant has walked away. As far as I can make out, the implementation never progressed past the sandbox install.

Now the customer (whom i joined recently) would like to restart the project.

I want to update the sandbox to V10 and start internal training.

Is it possible to link a newly created LCS project to the existing sandbox install; i have access to the previos json file(s)

Why don’t you simply deploy a new V10 environment? Especially if there are no customizations.

If you’re saying that the environment is for a different LCS project and a different AX version, I wouldn’t waste any time with it.

Note that it’s not clear why you have “a newly created LCS project” and not the original one.

  1. there were some minimal customisations done from what I gather ( the existing install is on 7.3 u 12)

  2. the earlier consultants walked away, and the lcs was created by them

1.Sandbox environments don’t contain source code. If you don’t have the source code, you can forget about the customizations.

  1. And what? LCS projects are owned by customers, not by individual consultants.
  1. ok, the client seems to be willing to go with the vanilla install, at a pinch

  2. client doesn’t seem to have any idea about any prior LCC account created

a. could it be possible that the prior install was a sort of standalone multi vm sandbox without LCS ?

b. would microsoft be able to help reinstate / get access to the prior LCS login account ?

2a) Nope. The only way how to deploy a Microsoft-hosted sandbox environment is through LCS.
2b) Microsoft can give you access to your LCS project. Not to others AAD accounts nor to others’ LCS projects.

I wonder where you created the new LCS project if you claim that you the customer doesn’t have access to their LCS account.

Regarding the first point, don’t forget to explain the customer the importance of version control system, so they don’t lose all customizations again.

this is an on-prem install

this time, the client’s credentials have been used to setup the LCS