Couple Jobs Questions. Multiple Customers, Change Customers

I am using NAV 2009 RTC

3 jobs questions.

Question 1. I have a job set up with one task line. I have posted some usage through the job journal. But I realize that I need to change the customer on the job, but when i go to change the customer it tells me that I can’t change the customer because there are entries associated with the job. How do I fix this ? Do I have to create a new job ? If so, how can I close/delete my old job ?

Question 2. Same question, but now I have posted a Sales Invoice for the job. Now I realize I need to switch the customer. How do i fix this one ?

Question 3. Sometimes a job will have multiple customers, is the only way to set this up is by creating multiple jobs, i.e. 100-1, 100-2, 100-3 ?

Hi Craig,

Ad 1) You post the job to the customer you inserted. And then you create a credit memo post it and closes the job. Finally create a new job with the right customer and do it all over!

Ad 2) You must create a credit memo and a new invoice.

Ad 3) Yes you need to create individual jobs, or if this is a common issue for you get at Navision developer to help you do this.

Question on point 1. i haven’t posted a sales ivoice yet, I only have job ledger entries. Can I post something to offset it here or do I have to create the invoice and then the credit memo ? Is there a way to get the job out of my list ?

Question on point 3. Any idea of the best way to achieve this ?