doubt in customer card

Hi ,

I have a small doubt in customer creation.

My client deals with Furniture business.

So my problem is he usually gets 40 to 50 new customers daily.

Now how to maintain customer information and the accounts that is amount paid etc in navision.

Will i need to create customer card for each customer or is there any other way like simply entering the party name and post to that party.

Are they “returning” customers or is it a simple furniture shop (not manufacturer)? In first case you ought to create each new customer…

For non returning customers you can create a one-off customer card for them.

Depending on the flexibility given by the business process you may set the payment term as cash.

For printing out their details on the document; your choice may be to use ship to custormer fields

what’s the difference then - to use this approach you still must create each & every Customer…

If I understand you very well.

You may not have to create every customer, you may just have one cash customer.

When the customer is called on the invoice, you can edit details to be the one for the current customer.

How do you expect to accomplish that? Its not the way how Navision works… dewaliii, don’t mislead michael to wrong way…

This are the steps that I will suggest; however this may not be the only solution.

  1. create one customer (called non returning customer)

Normally, the users will not be allowed to edit the customer card details (This is left with a particular user)

  1. Raise the Sales Order/Sales Invoice for the customer

At this point depending on the company policy permission may be given to edit

codes on sales order …

If the customer is (Non-returning customer) allow for edit

in editing the sales order/invoice : Ship-to-customer field is edited to take the name of the current customer

Kindly note; that the changes at the poit of sales does not affect the customer card. There is still one customer card called non returning customers and all trasactions by such customers goes to that account.

On the invoice, the customer number is the same - but the description either blank or possibly stated may vary.

This is the way I suggest it could be solved; if there are better ways I am open to them.

My reply, is a follow up on Modris initial reply; My reply is focusing on non-returning customers. As for returning customers/regular/everytime customer a customer card should be maintained for each customers


@ Micheal

You need to give a better description of the clients business process - How is payment handled? How level of customer services is needed? Is CRM an issue then should contacts be considered?

Your answer is anywhere from a customer record per customer, Contacts, Ship-to or amend the transaction details - take you pick

@ Delwalii / Modris

Sounds like you both saying the same thing differently.

Thank u Delwalli and Modris. As Dave said i will explain this in detail. 90% of the customers are non return customers. The payment process is simple cash and carry the material. My issue is both ship to and applying entries to the cash received. And is there any way to handle return and non return customers seperately.

Hi Micheal,

Ok but you still have not bottomed out what the client needs - for example customer returning goods / follow ups / warrenty etc

On the face of it you can just amend the Sell-to name and address on the sales order and post with a payment type which has a Balancing Account.

If you are struggling with this then it is time to call in a senior and establish the correct requirements otherwise the Client may not get what they need.

Thanks for ur valuable suggestion Dave. But i dint get the complete info just coz my question is not complete So its better to fill sell to customer name and post with balancing account that is ok but if he returns the item then how to do this. Once again thanks for ur info

Hi Micheal,

Yes you are correct to be asking these questions but not of me but the client. I would suggest you sit down with the client and discuss all these options. If you are unsure then bring a senior along and learn how to gather requirement properly.

Thank u once again dave. Just now got the exact requirement from the customer i explain this and first of all sorry to drag the issue but i want to give a better solution to the customer. My client Does not want to create customer card for each customer since it takes long time for him. And as u said he wants directly like sell to customer and when customer return the item he just wants to credit the stock and debit to the cash. And how can we select just customer name in the order without creating customer card

Hi Micheal,

As mentioned above, sounds like you just need to create a “Cash” customer and then for each sale overtype the name and address. Cash can be handles by the payment type

…which is the initial solution from dewaliii… [H]

Yes - but the main issue here is this that the requirements were not properly gathered/presented and I have a “doubt” that they still are [:S]

Hi Micheal,

As indicated by Dave; which my thought seems to agree with the specification may need some tidying up.

Can you kindly do us a favour if possible by following this steps;

  1. read through the questions Dave asked
  2. List the questions Dave asked
  3. Answer the question to each question and post it back.
  4. If possible for this particular area of question you are solving give a step by step specification and conditions around them
  5. Indicate on the list where you are currently stucked

I am glad to tell you the forum would be more than happy to take it up from that point

On my own side I have these question; the first one was previously indicated by Dave.

  1. Will the Non returning Customer have a warranty agreement?
  2. Do your client want this to be treated on Navision or Manually?
  3. Do your client have just one employee attending to all customer or do they have a specific employee attending to non-returning customer.

Your precise answers to the questions would be very effective.

Thank you,