Correcting posted Invoice with Credit Memo

Hi All, A question about Credit Memo’s made in the module Sales. I have made a creditnota to correct a posten salesinvoice. I have filled out the fields Apllies to Doc Type, Applies to Doc No and correction. Then I posted the Credit Memo. Financially evcerything is correct. But now, I want to re-invoice the customer based on the sales order (it was partially invoiced) for the same amount of the corrected salesinvoice. To my surprise on the sales line the field Quantity invoiced was not changed, but I just posted a Credit Memo. Anybody knows how I can make sure that this field is corrected with the amount of the CreditMemo? Thanks very muych in advance. /Sven

Hi Sven, the original invoice does not get changed, it stays exactly as it has been posted. Instead of applying a payment to the invoice it get’s reversed with a credit note. All invoice related records get their respective “reverse” record(as you said financially everything ok, item ledger entry aswell) and so sales line are not corrected/changed because the respective “reverse” sales line has been created in the credit note. This is the way Navision handles this kind of corrections to leave the audit trail complete and traceable. Saludos Nils

Thanks NilsM. But what is the best way to re-invoice those goods. Do I have to make a new sales order?

Yep, make a new sales order. Then use Functions, Copy Lines if you have a lot of lines on the original Invoice. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

This is correct. You need to re-invoice those goods. Nevertheless in all the sales process forms, you find under Functions “Copy document” that allows you to copy any sales document to you quotes/orders/invoice form. A hint - you do not need to create a credit note for the whole invoice - you might also create a credit note for some of the sales lines that have not been posted correctly. This implies that you do not need to re-invoice the goods because the invoice has only been reversed partially by the credit note and those goods effectivly sold have not been reversed. Saludos Nils