dont use creditmemo


One of my client is not accepting the sales or purchase creditmemo to correct the transaction which is entered the invoice amount wrongly. I told Microsoft had given this solution to correct the Invoice which is posted wrongly. But he says they actually don’t know at what situation credit memo will use. He does not like to Use Credit memo. So he needs alternative solution to correct the invoice which is posted wrongly.

Experts please throw some information to solve this issue…

Thanks and regards

What actually is the clients “issue” with using a credit memo to correct a posted invoice, because the client should realise they will actually have to process a transaction in the system to correct an invoice, unfortunately the magic undo to my what I should have done in the first place code unit has not yet been written [:D]


Maybe suggest that the client does not use Navision. Maybe Excel is a better fit with their business practices.

You might be surprised to find that you are wrong!

I saw a system, where the developer had written a real undo function. Basically you would pick a sales invoice and hit UNDO. The code would then find all applied documents and unapply them. It would then delete all transactions related to that Invoice, (and now comes the awsome bit) it would RENUMBER all Ledger entries so there was no gap left. Then reinsert a document that says the document was deleted without posting (like if you delete a blank ales Order in NAV). This meant that once you hit undo there was NOTHING left. of course undo could take a very long time to run, but if you have somethign to hide, it was a great solution.

So yes it can be done. [:O]

Oh and please lets hope that this post will not be inspiration to some budding new NAV developer out there.

Actually, I’ve seen this done many times in several ways, but this really looks very well done! [;)]

Perhaps my specification was unclear - I want the code unit to UNDO what I did AND know what I should have done and repost it correctly :slight_smile:

Well different people have different needs. My involvement in the project was to add the “AND know” bit back in to old transactions a year or two after this function had been in use. It was of course impossible.

Without using credit memos, you can use Sales Journal and Item Journal to reverse the incorrect entries.