"Correction" field in Credit Memo

Hi! Everyone :

If you search the help article called “Correcting Sales Invoices with Credit Memos” in Navision Help, in the step 2, there is a field called “Correction”. And if you search “Correction of Incorrect Posted Documents” in Navision Help, you can also find this field. Is there anyone who uses this field before? Does it really work to correct incorrect posted document? Because I can’t find it in my credit memo form… I can see it in the Sales Header table, but just curious about why it’s not in my credit memo form by default. It is supposed to be there based on what the Help says…

The correction field is not there by default. You will need to add the field using the Form Designer.

Checking this fields basically indicates that the credit memo is a correction.

When u select this it will post a negative debit amount and positive credit amount. Means signs would be opposite than usual.

Ax has the same functionality.


Both Alex’s and Kapil’s answers together gives you full idea how CM is used to STORNO a Sales Order, so I verified them.

This approach with -Db and +Cr doesn’t increase turnover in correspnding GL Accounts - just what is needed to void errorenous SI.