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Version GB 2.00D We have read previous related discussions but we are not clear of the solution. To reiterate the problem: on exporting out of the subsidiary,having previously transferred the Year total by department and project for each general ledger code, and trying now to pick up the closing entries, the Manual says put a C before the ending date on the export options screen. However this produces the message “You cannot specify a closing date here” So how do we get the closing entries into the Consolidation Company. We want to avoid running an Income Statement in the Consol Company as suggested by one of the other Contributors. Nikki Churchill Greenvale AP plc

Hi I did this a couple of Years ago. And I think this will solve it. There’s a line of code that needs to be altered in report 90 to get it working with closing dates. In the function PostGenJnlLine You’ll find this code: --END ELSE BEGIN ----i := 1; ----IF (“Business Unit”.“Starting Date” <> 0D) OR (“Business Unit”.“Ending --------Date” <> 0D) THEN ------“Posting Date” := “Business Unit”.“Ending Date” ----ELSE ------“Posting Date” := ConsolidEndDate; --END; Change the line “Posting Date” := ConsolidEndDate; to “Posting Date” := NORMALDATE(ConsolidEndDate); If I remember correctly this will do the trick //Lars

As a point of general information, since I’ve seen several questions about entering Closing dates: You cannot enter a Closing date in any standard Navision form (that is a date in the Closing Date format). This happens, for example, in Report Object 94, Close Income Statement. The only way a closing date can be created is through use of the C/AL function CLOSINGDATE(date) which will return the Closing Date for the parameter ‘date’. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner Edited by - daves on 2001 Dec 06 23:54:34


You cannot enter a Closing date in any standard Navision form

There is a property “Closing Dates” on the form-field. Set to “yes” it allowes to enter closing dates. With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Thanks Marcus. I was unaware of that property. I appreciate the additional knowledge. I think it’s still correct to say that most (if not all) standard Navision forms don’t allow entry of closing dates. Since there were several times I would like to have used closing dates for filtering and couldn’t, I would appreciate any contrary feedback. Dave Edited by - daves on 2001 Dec 07 17:03:30

Hi Nikki, I had this problem very recently and I can understand how frustrating it is. First and foremost you cannot enter a C in the closing date field. If you are tyring to follow what is mentioned in the book then the book is wrong( as clarified by the Navision Support staff). The process to transfer all preclosing entries to the Parent company from the subsidiaries and then pass all elimination entries and close each subsidary and Parent separately in the consolidated company. Make sure that you check the options to close by Department, Project, and Business Unit in the Parent. Remember that you cannot enter a C in the closing date field to include all closing entries. Anu N.Anu

Thanks very much for all of your comments. I have had to cheat and get our development company to change the system so that a closing date can be entered. It now works fine. Nikki Churchill Greenvale AP plc