Consolidation-Closed fiscal years

I was walking my client through a consolidation, everything went on well till we tried to consolidate the closed fiscal year entries. I followed the steps described in the Navision blue book: Step 1: Consolidate entries for the fiscal year ex 01/01/00 to 12/31/00. Step 2: Consolidate entries for the closed entries using C01/01/00 as Starting Date and C12/31/00 as the Ending Date. Step 2 is what is giving me problems here. Whenever I try to enter a closed fiscal year in the starting date or ending date field the system displays an error message " You cannot enter a closing date here." Is this the method to consolidate closed fiscal year entries? Any help would be appreciated. N.Anu

hi anu, try entering only dates instead of prefixing with C. TAA

Hi anu, Another approach to the year end close, is to run the year end closing entries in the Consolidation company instead of doing the consolidation from the subsidiaries. If there are any elimination entries, then you have to run the year end in the Consolidation company anyway. There is an option to create the closing enties by Business Unit - and you should select this when running the year end in teh Consolidation company. Good luckā€¦ Bill