Concerning Codeunit(5500)Base

hi every one

In Production module i Treasure one doubt what is use of base Code unit (5500) Production Schedule Management i was Run it.but it displays Schedule Management .
can any one tell me the details of Content of displayed .it Seems to be Work center,Released Production-order,Firm Planned Orders .etc…
But i am not recognize.any one guide me please

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The Production Schedule window is a Gantt chart which represents all ongoing production orders and their respective loading of production resources. It is fully integrated with the rest of the system and allows you to reschedule operations by drag and drop in this graphical interface and thus update the related production order data.

hi mohana

but it is like Reporting Services.can i do Customization like that in Plant maintenance.can u give any code link(URL) and Reporting Services are available in NAV or Not

scenario : i have 5 units in production so which machine under which unit and at the same time i want data show into (Graphs,Pia - charts, …etc. if want any explanation i will bounce You…this scenario in NAV 2009 Reports or i need a add any .dill file please guide me.