System Documention on unit

My question is, dose any one know if there is any system documentation regarding how the Forms, Reports & code units are link and work together. I have tried to debug the “printing of Order documents”, came across code unit 228 and 1 which is also used for document printing for Purchasing and Delivery. It’s this type for information I’m look for. I’m a developer from a Visual Basic background, I am still in shock with regards to the unfriendly environment in which Navision lets out developers work in. Any tips on how to make life a little easier when developing would not go a miss. Regards Graham Spencer Email Tel : +46 (0)8 764 74 25

This is just one tip as a starter: Switch the Tools, Debugger into Active, Run the report, and you will se how, when and in what order the procedures, functions and code unit are called. It is quite rough to put in breakpoints, but it will show you the program flow. Looking into the called code units will probably anwer a lot of your questions. Best regards from an other amateur Pelle Lunden

Hi Pelle Thx for answering my question. I have been using the debug active command as a tool for debuging. Do you know of any way of capture this information to a text file? And I think that some one has taken all the comments out of my code units! Regards Graham Spencer Email Tel : +46 (0)8 764 74 25