Production Management

Does NAV 2013 have any tools in the manufacturing module which helps the user evaluate and schedule an overall shop schedule? It appears that NAV is very good at individual order planning, but when it comes to management of the entire shop, many orders for many customers, that NAV does not have very good tools (graphical schedules, etc).

Can anybody point me in the direction of what NAV has to offer?


Have you checked the Timeline of NAV 2013,that might help.


That’s an outstanding idea! Never knew that existed. Thanks so much, I will look into this feature more. It looks in general to be a tool for scheduling a single item. I wonder also if NAV 2013 has a tool like this to analyze all production supply schedules in comparison to overall demand schedules for all current production items. But I thank you for this lead…I will research it more.


Disclaimer first: I represent a vendor, and want to have this clear when suggesting a solution as my intention is to sell.

Our company developed an add-in for NAV 2013 (and also for 2009R2) to visualize all production orders in a Gantt chart. The add-in comes as page, is fully integrate and leaves all MRP authority with NAV. However, the users have the chance to not only look at the production schedule, but to change it with drag and drop operations. You can have a look here:

Maybe this can help you.

You can get help from online. There are many websites which can help you to find manufacturing module about NAV few days back i suggest the same thing to my relative he found one website really helpful, you might can also get a help from NAV timeline profile.these things gives you a proper project management about NAV.