Production Schedule Access

Hi All,

I am trying to access the production schedule at a client site. The only thing that occurs is an hour glass prompt. The schedule does not appear. The setups are defined with a start date of -1d and end date of 2d. The progress calculation is defined as Time. The client is running on Navision 4.0 SP2. Any thoughts as to why this is occurring would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mary,

There could be a number of factors. The production scheduler is a extra component and runs an exe called NavisionGanttServer.exe.

Check the following:

  1. Gantt server is installed ( not a big jog to re-install just in case)

  2. Firewall / Anti-virus is blocking it

  3. There is not a production order with a special character in the description e.g. &

  4. Has the schedule run for the client before or on the site ?

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info Dave T.

To answer your questions:

  • Gnatt Server was installed

  • There was no firewall / anti virus running - I had them turn that off (per your recommendation) - unforunately that didn’t solve it.

  • We had previously removed all special characters. As a followup we had the programmer go in and remove anything suspicious.(just in case). This may have fixed the problem.

  • The scheduler has been run on the same computer referencing a test database.

It turns out there was one record in released production orders where the source was blank. We think that may have caused the delay.

Thank you for your comments, it helped us isolate the issue.


Hi Mary,

Gald to help [:D]