Compilation of AOT

Dear all,

Please let me know while doing the compilation of AOT, whether all user should exit from the AX system?

Also I have an other clarification. If I click on document handler or account statement screen, I got an issue where it says

"Dialog Field has no valid runnable code in method ‘new’. Then while browsing in internet i got an info saying that i need to compile the whole AX . Please let me know Whether any other solution is applicable to fix the above solution?


It is recommended to compile without active user.



Yes, you have to compile the application. No, there is no other solution.

There shouldn’t be anybody changing code during the compilation, but I’m not aware of any issues with regular users. On the other hand, they may experience performance issues.

Thanks for the response. I did compilation when the users wasn’t connected .Later on it showed so many errors.Before viewing it ,automatically system got closed and now none of the reports are working .It’s throwing with the same error ’ Has no valid runnable code in method ".

There should be a log file (AxCompileAll.html) in the log directory (check xInfo::AOTLogDirectory()) which can be imported back to AX for analysis.

You’ll have to fix the errors.

Thanks for the reply but I couldn’t get the log file. But the issue is fixed. There was some issue in dialog field class. Then delete auc file. Now it’s working