AX Compile application

I"m new to AX and could really use some help. I promoted two aod files to production, running the compile application from AX client and its taking over 4 hours. This is the first time I’m doing this task. The dev who usually performs this said it should take about 2 hours. the screen status says not responding but I was told to let it go and it will finish. I’m running AX20009. Are they any log files that show the status of the compile?

any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Unfortunately there are no such log files. Ccompilation time may depend on various factors such as server capability, frequency of compilation etc. So don’t worry about the time taken.

Last but not least, try to compile directly from AOS server.

If you set “AOT log” in Compiler setup form, you would be able to see lines being added to AOTComp.log during compilation.

You can also use a magic trick - go to AX client and press Ctrl+Break. You should get a dialog “Are you sure that you want to cancel this operation?” and see the Compiler output window. Close the dialog by “No”.

Your compilation may be slow because the Diagnostic level is too high and/or Cross-references are updated with compilation. This can be again found in Compiler setup form.

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In AX 2012, the compilation window will show the progress window. Screen shot explaining the various features in AX 2012 compile window is here -

Hi Harish/martin, I removed the license code for Public sector and Retail and did a data synch after that I compiled the AX 2012 FP and it showed three errors related to Projtrans (this I believe is a usual suspects) and two warnings - No errors reported on CIL. However, when I reopen the Initialization check-list, it still shows that the compile, CIL and synchronize data are not completed. Any idea what am I missing here?

These were originally compiled in Dev and copied over to Test

When the compile AX application it’s source code is translated into a machine readable format that can be interpreted by the AX server and clients. Ensuring that you have disabled is another way of saving some time during compile.