Check the progress of an AOT compile

Is there any way to check the progress of an AOT compile in AX 2012? Whenever I run one the client greys itself out and stops responding to any input. The only update I get is some information written out to the compiler and this only updates when the program occasionally begins responding again for a couple of second at a time usually a few times an hour.


I might be wrong. But I have not found any mechanism to check progress of AOT compile.

But so far I found that compilation in AX 2012 is relatively quicker (don’t have scientific proof). Are you updating cross reference during compilation?

Yes. This is full compile following the adding of a model. We were looking at the time and process differences between updating an AOS using models and modelstores.

Although 2012 may be quicker at compiling, I think we’ll be going with modelstores, just so we can compile in dev rather than worry about additional downtime when we’re rolling out to production.

I’m having same issue, every times i’m trying to compile it stuck (not progressing) and need force to close the system. Initially it working just a few second. So how you solve the issue?