Column Header to show month name or # in Account Sched. Column Layout

I would like to create a balance sheet rolling trending column layout. The columns would represent each month starting at -11M to the current period. For example, if I’m running the report in February 2010, the first column would be 3/09, next one would be 4/09, etc. If I run this report in March 2010, the first column would be 4/09, next would be 5/09…etc. Is there a way that I can have the column header to automatically show me the month’s name for this rolling balance sheet? Right now my column header is -11, -10, -9…CP (Current period).

I’m using v5.0 sp1

Yes possible, please check report forexample ‘Budget’ and see how the columns are done. Only month’s name can be shown by using FORMAT function or FORMAT property.


By formating we can change then column headers.But the problem is each month required separate column the no of columns will keep on increasing.


Jerome Marshal.J

If I understand the both of you correctly, the format function is going to statically format and name the columns right? Then I mind as well create the column header as the month which is what I was trying to avoid doing.