monthwise income statement


Anybody can help me to create a income statement which shows periodically. I mean the income statement can show the monthwise like column jan, feb, march april may , total upto that 5 month. Please help

jaafer alakkal


Try accounts schedules and column layouts. You can set up a trend type column layout.


Yes use the account schedules. In the past, before account schedules had this functionality to specify the columns as date periods, then this was one of the customizations I have done the most times.

Or I’ve modified the standard income report to have 12 periodic columns + total. As far as I remember, then the US localization of NAV did have this included. Have not used the US version for some years, so I don’t know if it’s still there. Maybe some of our US members have it installed and can check?

But the account schedules does this out of the box and with much more flexibility.


Thank you for you reply Mr. Neil fraser, I am using microsoft dynamics navision 2009. I cannot find a trend type column layout .

In the classic version it’s on the function button of the account schedule as Setup column layouts.


Hi Erik , Thank you for the post

I have setup one column lay out as shown in the picture.

But i got the result as shown below

6505.income jpeg.bmp (2 MB)

see the date i have entered 01.12.2015…31.12.2015, i actually need to enter a date, for example 01.01.2015…31.05.2015. and it should show only that 5 months periodically as shown in the picture and that 5 month total should come in the total column. Can you please help me to setup like that. Thank you.

jaafer alakkal

If you only want to display five periods, then just remove the 7 other?

[:)] No its not like that. i dont want to setup the column every time when i check the income statement. And i am not the end user also. The user is not much aware of setups. further clarification, at first instance i am checking the income statement from 01.01.2015…31.5.205, and i closing it again i am checking 01.03.2015…30.06.2015. Hope u understand my requirement.

Yes, and that’s going to be the result. Just don’t hardcode the column headers as the month they are associated with will changed based on the datefilter.