Account Schedule Monthly Column???


Im having dificulties in setup in Account Schedule, I want to Set up the Column Monthly Ex Jan., Feb, Mar,…Dec. Any one can help me…Hoping for you reply. Thanks

This is quite difficult to achieve as the standard just defines 5 columns in the report.
The next problem is that the standard does not support different date formulas per column.

So in this case you would need to create a completely new report to provide this functionality.

Set teh compariosn date field in the first column to be CM, in the second to be +1M carry on etc, then when you run the overview depending upon the date chosen the amounts change. As Thomas states however there is a stadnard limitation of what you can print out, but not what you can see.

Another way:

Create Column Layout as:

Column Header {Jan|Feb|Mar…} all twelve months each in its column;

Column Type Net Change, Ledger Entry Type G/L Entries, Amount Type Net Amount for all 12 columns;

Comparison Date Formula FY[1] for Jan column, FY[2] for Feb column and so on (may add FY[1…3] for Q1, FY[4…6] for Q2 etc)

If you need to print it out - Acc.Schedule Overview form has a Function Export to Excel, just export it and then print from Excel, so you can override 5 column limit.


I will try that. Thanks for the Advise and for the support.I really appreciate it. Thanks very much[Y]

Comparison Date Formula does not take FY cause its a date formula type field. You can enter FY in Comparison Period Formula.

What i am trying to achive is that i want to show every quarter amount for a particular GL Account,

Ex. Q1 [01.04.13…30.06.13]




I tried FY[1…3] it start from 0D…30.06.13 and when i enter FY[4…6] then also it starts from 0D…30.09.13.