Closing Job Usage Entries with a Sales Invoice

Hi, Can anyone familiar with the Jobs module in Navsion 3.60 answer me this: How do you completely close a usage entry when applying a sales invoice line that has a discount on it? E.g. Buy especially for the job (using purchase invoice - dubious but that’s another story!) or enter a job journal for usage qty of an item in stock - it matters not how you create the usage. The job ledger entry created has a calculated “Total Price” value taken from the item card. When I then invoice the customer for this usage and I use the “Get Job Usage” function, sales line discounts that are valid are applied. When the sales invoice is posted it creates a closed, applied sales job ledger entry, but the usage entry it was applied to is still open! This is because there is a remaining amount on the usage entry that is equal to the discount. The problem is that subsequent use of the “Get Job Usage” function keeps suggesting these lines with the remaining amounts! How can I close them [:(!]. Any help greatly appreciated as ever!!! Jon

Try the Check Box “Apply and Close (Job)” on the sales invoice line. When this is marked yuor usage will be closed even if the amount on the sales line isn’t big enough to close the usage normally. /Lars

Thanks Lars, you did it again![:D]