Non Billable Amounts on Sales Invoices

Hello. We have setup our company’s work types. One of the work types is “Non Billable” with a price of $0.00. When we go to the Sales Invoice and use Functions Get Job Usage - it does not bring in the Non Billable items.

Is there a way to bring in Non Billable or 0.00 price work types into the Sales Invoice automatically?

Thank you,


you can make a fictive price (or real one if exists) but with 100% discount. In total, you’ll have a 0 amount bill but will be able to make invoice.

Thanks. However, when we post it with a 100% discount the line remains open in the job journal. We can not find a way to get the job journal to not show Open = Yes.

Any ideas?


Wont it work if you just set the Chargeable flag to False? If you can’t do it when initially posting th ejob entries, you (or your NSC) can write a simple function to uncheck this field.

Thanks for the responses, but I think we will have to hand this one off to a developer to customize.

Thanks again.

Function Get Job Usage only retreives chargeable, open entries. And an open entry is an entry with a “Remaining Amount” <> 0

We can not find a way to get the job journal to not show Open = Yes” - on your order/invoice-line: put a checkmark in the field “Apply and Close (Job)”.