checking filenames from Navision

I have a table “Files” in Navision, containing filenames that should be located in a certain directory on our server. Now I want to make a report showing the files in this directory that are not in the table “Files”. Can somebody give me a hint how to do this?

Table “2000000022 File” provides you with information about all files in an specified directory. To get all files in this table you have to filter on field path like … File.SETFILTER(Path,‘C:\WINNT’) ← there you get all files in this directory. PS: You won’t see this table in object designer, you have to create a new form using tabular type and as table you have to select file. Regards, Stefan

THANKS WOLFGANG!!! This works! I understand table 2000000022 is some sort of ‘hidden’ table? Are there any more of these tables, and can I find an overview somewhere?

There are quite a few system tables that you might find useful. Most of them don’t show up in the object designer, and aren’t mentioned too much in the documentation either (with the exception of perhaps Date and Integer.) You can get a good list of them by using the new form wizard to creating a tabular form using AllObj as the source table. Filter the Object Type by TableData, then look at the entries at the end of the list. I use 2000000041 - Field pretty frequently. It’s an easy way to look at the record definitions for all the tables at the same time, filtered by field type or name, or other attributes.