Object designer help

Hello. im new at navision.

Im making reports of “sales statistic” and some other stuffs. But i can only use filters from one table at the time.

When i open object designer, and click new report → create a report using wizard and chose tabel, for example “Item”

Then i can only ger reports from the filters who is in “item” table. i want to pick filters from “item” table AND “salesheader” table and get them on the same report.

can i mix filters from diffrents tables? is it hard?

You should download the NAV training material for C/SIDE introduction and C/SIDE development (also known as DEV I and DEV II). These manuals will give you a good starting point as to what you can do with all types of objects. If your boss will pay for it I would even recommend that you take the actual class.


Is it hard think to do? i mean making a report and choose what filter i want is not hard. But i just want to choose filters from other tables to and mix them into same report. well i maby have to read some instructions about it but im not so good at english (im from sweden).

It really depends on what you need to do. Your requirement will dictate the design of the report. If you for instance need to generate a list of posted invoices for customers with a certain posting group and a certain date range, you would design the report to have a dataitem with Customer with the posting group on the Customer tab, and a linked dataitem for sales invoice header with the posting date as a filter on its dataitem tab.

It gets more complex if you want to hide dataitems and still have filter capabilities for fields in the table, or if you don’t want to add a dataitem for a certain table.

The thing is that i dont know how i connect the tabels with etchoter… Do i take “make a blank report” or shall i make one first from “using wizard” …

if i take “make a blank report” and add the 2 tables that i want… how do i add the filters that i want from them both after that?

It looks like this. but when i take “Run” i get noting. just blank… i want to pick filters who is gona be shown at my report.

DataItem Name


Sales Line

You really should get the development training material and work through the exercises.