Reading Harddisk-structure?

Hi @ All,

I’m in an education for navision developer.
Now my education manager give me the tast to create a function like the norton commander in navision.
But i don’t know, how to read out a harddisk, to diplay it in a form. I know, there is a table “File” where i can save the strucure but how can i fill this table with the files and folders?



The table file is a virtual table. So you just have to put a filter on subdirectory (and optionally other fields) and then start reading the table.

What are you trying to do?
Read a directory only to list size/free
See all folders only?
See files?
Have a lookup folder for a user to select a directory or file from a Navision field?

Some more information would be helpful in helping you.

Sorry for this late reply, i have been away for a while.

Thanks a lot. The Problem is solved.