Change costing method FIFO to Standard

My company has been using Navision 3.60 for a number of years. What are the specific steps that should be followed to allow the costing method to be changed. Thanks.

24 hours later & no replies. Is there anyone there ?

Do you have access to and have you looked at PartnerSource TechKnowledge Document ID 28173 - “How to Change the Inventory Costing Method…once Transactions are Entered” ?


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24 hours later & no replies. Is there anyone there ?

53 posts later and you haven’t tried the Search Function?

Thanks for you constructive comments Chris. Yes I’ve looked at the search function and there are lots of bits and pieces, some specify version numbers, some don’t. Some refer to ‘specific steps to follow’. some talk about changing from average to fifo and I wonder if the steps are the same. Thanks for your comments fbrande. Much more helpful.

The version should not matter here, it should be the same for them all. All costing methods (FIFO, LIFO, Specifc, …), except Average should work the same to convert to Standard. In general, the safest (although not usually possible) is to remove all the inventory, change the method and to put all the inventory back in.

Thank you Chris. Have a good week-end.